Fylde Council are responsible for all new addresses and address changes and the repair and maintenance of street nameplates.

Currently we do not charge for naming and numbering applications.

All address changes need to be confirmed by us to ensure there is no ambiguity or any potential for this to mislead in any way.

Once the address is confirmed, Royal Mail, Emergency Services, Council departments and other interested parties will be notified of the changes or additions.

Please contact us as soon as possible to get this sorted as other parties need to be consulted which can delay the process.

Street Nameplates

To report a defective nameplate, request additional nameplates or discuss problems you are experiencing with the address, please email addresses@fylde.gov.uk

We provide clear, easy to read nameplates for streets and roads for the convenience of the public and also to help the postal and emergency services.

It is an offence for anyone to pull down a nameplate or to place a notice or advertisement within 30cm of one. You can be fined if you do this.

New addresses and changes to existing names and numbers

If you require a new number or a development that requires new numbers, or a change to an existing name or number, please click the button below. It is also helpful if a plan can be attached for new addresses.

When changing an existing property address, any new name should not be the same or similar to other named properties in the vicinity, we also need the consent of the owner to make any change, please ensure if you are not the owner details are included that confirm you have the permission of the owner to make this change.