Planning Application Fees in England

These fees are payable on all planning applications in England between 6 December 2023 and 31 March 2025.

These fees differ from the arrangements prior to 6 December 2023 as the government has:

  • Introduced a 25% increase across the board, which will rise to 35% for major schemes
  • Removed the provision for a ‘free go’ on application resubmissions where the original application is made after 6 December 2023
  • Introduced an annual increase the fees in-line with the inflation rate each year starting in April 2025

The details for all application fees are available here (PDF).

The most frequently used fees are available from the links below.

Householder application
Alterations/extension to a single dwellinghouse, including works within boundary£258
Prior Approval (under Permitted Development rights)
Larger Homes Extensions£120
Additional Storeys on a home£120
Full Application
Alterations/extension to dwellinghouses, including works within boundaries
Single dwellinghouse (or single flat)£258
Two or more dwellinghouses (or two or more flats)£509
Full Application for erection of dwellinghouses
Not more than 10 dwellinghouses£578 for each dwellinghouse
Between 10 and 50 dwellinghouses£624 for each dwellinghouse
Outline Application for erection of dwellinghouse
Not more than 0.5 hectares£578 for each 0.1 hectare (or part thereof)
Full Application for the erection of buildings (not dwellinghouses, agricultural, glasshouses, plant nor machinery)
No increase in gross floor space or no more than 40 square metres£293
More than 40 square metres but no more than 1,000 square metres£578 for each 75 square metres (or part thereof)
Outline Application for the erection of buildings (not dwellinghouses)
Not more than 1 hectare£578 for each 0.1 hectare (or part thereof
Between 1 hectare and 2.5 hectares£624 for each 0.1 hectare (or part thereof)
Relating to the business on the premises£165
Advance signs which are not situated on or visible from the site, directing the public to a business£165
Other advertisements£578
Existing use or operationSame as Full
Existing use or operation – lawful not to comply with any condition or limitation£293
Proposed Use or OperationHalf the normal Planning Fee
Householder developments£43
Any other development£293
Removal/Variation/Approval/Discharge of condition
Removal or variation of a condition following grant of planning permission£293
Discharge of condition(s)
Approval of details and/or confirmation that one or more planning conditions have been complied with.
Householder permissions £43

All other permissions £145

Listed Building Consent

Planning permission for relevant demolition in a Conservation Area

Works to Trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order in a Conservation Area

An application solely for the alteration or extension of an existing dwellinghouse; or works in the curtilage of an existing dwellinghouse (other than the erection of a dwellinghouse) for the purpose of providing:

  • Means of access to or within it for a disable person who is resident in it, or is proposing to take up residence in it; or
  • Facilities designed to secure that person’s greater safety, health or comfort