Promenade Gardens is one of the Borough’s major parks and is situated to the south west of St. Anne’s town centre. Visitors and Residents are attracted to the gardens to enjoy its pleasures as it is one of Fylde Borough Council’s Premier sites. The site comprises of mature gardens and contains a range of passive and active leisure facilities for all age ranges. The Gardens are an example of horticultural excellence and are maintained to a high standard.

Promenade Gardens Friends Concepts Consultation

The Promenade Gardens Friends (PGF) are consulting on a project to renovate the paddling pool on Promenade Gardens.

Following initial consultations last year to establish interest in improving this much loved feature, the group, in partnership with Fylde Council have drawn up 2 Concept plans which we would like your feedback on.

The 2 Concept plans feature different treatments of the area (whilst retaining the original structure of the amphitheatre and the pool walling etc.) Your feedback on these ideas will help us to draw up a masterplan on which to base funding applications and the subsequent tendering and procurement of the planned renovations which we hope to implement in 2018.

Please click on this link (external) to access the questionnaire.

Promenade Gardens Facilities

  • A broad pedestrian promenade
  • Alpine Garden
  • Water Garden
  • Miniature Golf Course and Putting Green
  • Paddling pool set within an amphitheatre
  • Boating pool
  • A number of shelters and pavilions
  • A band stand
  • A lifeboat memorial
  • Public toilets
  • Ornamental gardens
  • Fountain and waterfall
  • Floral displays