Lytham Park Cemetery and Crematorium offer a comprehensive burial and cremation service. Funeral services are held Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. A Saturday cremation service is available on certain days by arrangement.

Burial services can be held between 9.45am and 1.45pm (2.45pm April – September). Cremation services are held half hourly from 9.00am to 3.30pm Monday – Thursday (3.00pm Friday) no 1.00pm services any day.

Later times are available for the interment of ashes in memorial niches and cremated remains graves.

The crematorium chapel seats around 80 people with standing room within the chapel for up to another 100 people and is fully accessible to disabled user’s. A speaker can relay the service to the entrance lobby if required and an induction loop is in use. Due to safety concerns and with regards to other services that may follow, the use of candles and other items of personal decoration are not allowed in the chapel. The chapel is available at no extra cost for burial services by arrangement.

Most funeral services are arranged through a Funeral Director but this is not compulsory. Many books and web sites are available to give guidance on arranging a funeral service. The staff will be pleased to assist families with advice in regard to the paperwork required for a burial or cremation but we are not authorised to organise forms outside of our office.

Where a person dies in a hospital and there are no relatives the Health Authority will arrange the funeral service. Similarly where a person died within the community and there is no one to take responsibility for the funeral arrangement the Local Authority will arrange the funeral service. For further advice see links to the right or contact .

All services must be carried out in a respectful manner. Coffins are only accepted in a hearse or estate car. Any other type of carriage is subject to the written approval of the Superintendent. Please note that due to lack of space, any flowers left at the crematorium following the service may be cleared from the tribute area the following morning.

For information when a death occurs overseas please use the link to the right or contact the British Consulate in the country concerned. For advice on repatriation of a person to another country contact a local funeral director.

On rare occasions families may wish to exhume a body or a set of ashes. The circumstances for this vary wildly but generally the permission of the next of kin; grave owner and relatives of any other person interred in the grave would be required. A licence from the Home Office or Faculty from the Bishop is normally required. Further specific details are available from the Cemetery Office

We regret that there are no facilities for the burial or cremation of pets or animals at Lytham Park.

For further information please contact the Office on 01253 735429 or