Work has now begun to renovate the children’s play area at Blackpool Road North, following on from the approval of the capital expenditure by Fylde Council’s Tourism and Leisure Committee in May.

The work, expected to be completed in the Autumn of 2022, will provide the community with a revamped play equipment area themed around local amenities including the adjacent football pitch, the seaside and the nearby airport.

The project to renovate the play area is a product of close cooperation between several parties: Fylde Council officers; the elected members for Kilnhouse Ward Cllr Karen Henshaw JP, Cllr David O’Rourke and Cllr Roger Small; St Annes Football Club; and the Friends of Blackpool Road North Playing Field.

Cllr David O’Rourke said: “We’re excited for the completion of this milestone in the bigger plan to regenerate Blackpool Road North’s playing fields. It’s been a real team effort so far. I and my fellow councillors would like to extend our thanks to all our partners for their hard work, and we look forward to the next steps once the play area is ready for children to enjoy.”

The partners have worked closely to develop a masterplan addressing several community concerns regarding the playing fields, of which the upgraded play equipment and safety surfaces are only one part. Works already completed under the umbrella of this masterplan include the replacement of the degraded culvert, and the installation of new lateral drains to address the susceptibility of the premises to flooding.

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