A new vision for a fabulous North Beach Wind Sports Centre aims to bring a comprehensive headquarters for sand, wind, and water sports to St Annes.

The two-phase plan will see the development of a beach sports centre as a place for local clubs to host events and tuition, a café for the provision of refreshments to beachgoers, and a base of operations for the Council’s coastal and countryside ranger service.

Using the former Trax property in the St Annes North Beach Car Park as a basis, the proposal outlines how the building will be renovated to offer visitors and residents a place to enjoy the thrills of beach sports in a safe and managed environment.

The first phase will focus upon the refurbishment of the structure, bringing the existing facilities up to the highest standard of functionality and accessibility, designating a space for a commercially operated café, and establishing a multi-purpose room for events and initiatives hosted by clubs or the ranger service.

The second phase will explore environmentally friendly enhancements, such as opportunities to generate power from wind or solar elements and wrapping the property in timber cladding to improve energy efficiency. Measures such as these would help deliver a facility that is both carbon-neutral and visually appealing.

Cllr Michael Sayward, Chair of the Tourism & Leisure Committee, said: “We’re delighted to be able to announce this fantastic new facility to help people enjoy all the exciting activities our beachfront has to offer. St Annes can proudly claim to have some of the best beachfront in the United Kingdom for kitesurfing, and we aim to make full use of this potential to the benefit of the community while providing a welcoming place for visitors.”

Having been approved by the Fylde Council Tourism & Leisure Committee on 6th January 2022, the plan will now go before the Finance & Democracy Committee for budgetary approval, with a goal to be ready for summer 2022.


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