Following last year’s round of refurbishments, more works have been scheduled for further improvements to play area locations throughout Fylde. 

An audit conducted by Fylde Council’s Parks and Coastal Services team found several of the more frequently used children’s play areas in Fylde would greatly benefit from remedial and replacement works to equipment and surfacing. A subsequent community group consultation helped to lay out specifications for what each of the sites would most benefit from, with particular attention paid to improving accessibility, and to ensuring that health and safety requirements are met.  

Further development works will take place this year to improve the quality of play on offer at: 

  • Promenade Gardens 
  • Ashton Gardens 
  • Mornington Meadows 

Cllr Michael Sayward, Chair of the Leisure & Tourism Committee, said: “The safety, wellbeing and inclusivity of our children is a huge priority for the Council. Our ongoing programme of enhancements will ensure that play areas throughout Fylde can continue to be enjoyed for years to come.” 

Fylde Council holds an operating budget to carry out minor repairs to play equipment and surfacing. This budget covers the replacement of worn parts such as bolts, panels, and seats, as well as small repairs to rubber safety surfacing, fencing and furniture. However, the Council does not hold a budget for the full replacement of failing or decommissioned play equipment or safety surfacing. 

Following the tendering process, a contract has been awarded to Kompan Ltd to perform the work, with a funding budget of £100,000 included within the Capital Programme for 2022/2023. The target completion date of the project is March 2023. 

For more information about play areas and open spaces in Fylde, please see our website: Parks and Open Spaces ( 


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