Fylde Council are undertaking a Housing Survey to help provide an understanding of affordable housing need in Fylde over the next 5 years.

The survey, conducted by Justin Gardner Consulting and CNB Housing Insights, provides participants with the opportunity to explain their current housing circumstances and any future housing intentions. It also provides opportunity to highlight any additional support needs or concerns they may have. This will help Fylde Council to better understand affordable housing needs in the Borough and ensure that local needs are met.

In the second week of January, a postal survey questionnaire will be sent to a random sample of households living in the urban areas of the Borough. All households living in rural parts of the Borough will receive a postal survey questionnaire.

Households who receive the questionnaire through the post are asked to complete it and return in the enclosed envelope. However, the survey is open to everyone whether or not they have received a postal survey. The quickest and easiest way to participate in the survey is online. This will ensure participants only have to answer questions which are relevant to them. The survey can be found at www.tinyurl.com/fylde.

Anyone taking part in the survey can opt into a draw to win one of three £100 prizes. The survey will be available from 17th January 2022 and will close in the week beginning 13th February 2022.

The more responses received, the more accurate the study will be, so the Council strongly urges individuals to participate either by post or online, and encourage others to do so, especially if they are in housing need or living in unsuitable housing.

Cllr Thomas Threlfall, Chair of the Environment, Health & Housing Committee, said: “It’s comforting to know that we’re doing all we can to help people much in need of affordable housing, and I welcome the fact that Fylde Council have this issue high on their agenda.”

The Council has provided a helpline for assistance with any of the questions or to discuss the questionnaire, on freephone 0800 6440017.


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