An exciting new website from Fylde Council will highlight the borough as a business destination and offer comprehensive support to existing enterprises, start-ups and new investors alike. 

Invest in Fylde is a business and investment focused initiative produced by Fylde Council’s Economic Development and Regeneration Team in liaison with other departments, councillors, local businesses, and Lancashire business support partners, to develop and deliver sustainable business growth and highlight the Borough as a business destination well-placed for investment. 

The website showcases all there is to offer to businesses in Fylde, allowing meaningful conversations and facilitation of more dynamic engagement across all sectors of the business community, and brings together business support offered by various partners across Lancashire, such as Boost Lancashire, UCLan, and Access to Finance. 

Cllr Karen Buckley, Leader of Fylde Council, said: “Over the past three years, Fylde Council has delivered a staggering £37m to local businesses, charities, and community groups across the Borough, and I am delighted to be able to launch this service to build on this support. The Invest in Fylde concept demonstrates how highly Fylde Council values local businesses, both those already established and those considering locating here. The website will be an innovative new way to promote Fylde as a business destination and provides a one-stop source for business support and advice.  We look forward to helping people make the most of their business opportunities.” 

Invest in Fylde offers a ‘What If?’ feature which lists the considerations of a business looking to relocate to Fylde and conveys the advantages available to all if they did so. Equally, for an existing business already here in Fylde, by reading the ‘Invest’ page on the website they can see the support being made available, and the resources they have at their disposal already in many sectors. 

The concept and website have received positive initial feedback from councillors, partners and businesses alike, and demonstrates the Council’s commitment to the business community and vibrancy of the borough. For more information about this service, visit 


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