Fylde Council's offices at the Town Hall in St Annes
Fylde Council’s offices at the Town Hall in St Annes

For the 13th year in a row, Fylde Council has achieved the target forecast to deliver a surplus on revenue spend, overperforming by more than £200,000 and continuing a winning streak of delivering exceptional service for less. 

Fylde Council is only one of two local authorities in Lancashire predicted to meet this goal thanks to continued focus on financial stability, making the Council more efficient and cost-effective while maintaining the high-quality services residents rightly expect. 

This is despite an economic backdrop for the year 2022/23 characterised by the gradual global recovery from COVID-19, high energy prices, high inflation, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Throughout this Fylde Council were able to continue delivering capital projects, offering grants and support to residents and businesses, and improving amenities thanks to prudent financial strategy. 

Cllr Ellie Gaunt, Fylde Council’s Lead Member for Finance and Resources, said “We are hugely proud to state that the Council remains debt-free. While challenges will no doubt remain, prudent financial management has provided a relatively stable financial situation allowing us to assess and adapt to whatever the future might hold. 

“We will continually seek opportunities to achieve savings and efficiencies, and to generate additional income, whilst continuing to provide high quality services to residents and deliver the priorities set out in the Corporate Plan.”   

Cllr Karen Buckley, Leader of Fylde Council, said: “Performance at this high standard for more than a decade is a remarkable achievement. The favourable revenue outturn of £212,000 will be added to the Capital Investment Reserve to fund future capital expenditure and minimise the need to borrow as we continue to invest in projects for the benefit of Fylde residents, such as our sea defence programme, improvements to play areas and public conveniences throughout the borough, and the regeneration of our towns.” 

For more information, including the full Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) Outturn Position document, visit the Fylde Council website.  


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