Fylde Council’s Community Projects Fund has awarded over £14,500 in financial support to local voluntary, community and faith groups during 2021/2022. 

The Fylde Community Projects Fund awards grants between £300 to £2000 for organisations which are based in Fylde or work exclusively with people who live in the Borough, funding projects which promote or enhance the environment, encourage cohesive communities, or promote the economy.  

The Community Projects Fund comprises of two tranches: a larger fund for bids from £300-£2000, with bidding usually split over three rounds, and a smaller fund with bids up to £300. All applications must provide an equal amount of match funding in cash or in kind. 

Councillor Karen Buckley, Leader of Fylde Council, said: “Fylde Council are delighted to be able to provide this wonderful opportunity for local groups to receive additional support in bringing their projects to fruition. The Community Projects Fund has helped numerous worthy causes since its inception, and I would encourage qualifying local organisations to apply; the process is simple and straightforward.” 

The successful bids for the larger fund in 2021/22 totalled £11,302.97, including £2000 to the Laugh Live Love community group in Lytham for a new minibus, £1,800 to the AFC Fylde Community Foundation for equipment for teams at Kirkham and Weeton, and £2000 to the Friends of Lytham Hall for crucial improvements to the car park.  

Bids for the smaller fund of up to £300 reached a total of £3,254.87, and included £286.87 to the 2nd Kirkham Scout Group for equipment for their wildlife group, £290 to the Friends of St Annes Station to provide a new nursery bed and raised planter, and £288 to pay for song sheets, binders and other equipment for the Connect Community Choir. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from the Community Projects Fund, please visit our website for more information about the criteria and the application process: Fylde Community Grants – Fylde Council 


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