Why are we collecting the data

Fylde Council Housing Service provide a number of services which include Grants and Energy Efficiency, Homelessness and Housing Advice, Tenancy Support, Disabled Facilities Grant, Discount to Market properties, Private Sector property regularisation to existing premises and enforcement notices to premises which fail to meet legislative requirements.

In order to carry out these statutory functions it is necessary to process personal data.  Examples of personal data that we may process in the due course of our duties include (but not exclusively listed) – Name, address, telephone number, email address, age, personal status, household personal information, health information, financial information, all to include relevant special category data.

What do we do with the information you give us?

We use the information to process your report/application. We may also use it to send you a response regarding your report/application. We process your information for these purposes so we can carry out the legal function of administering your report/application.

You do not have to give us the personal information that we ask for, but if you do not, we may not be able to process your report/application or reply. We may also use your information to contact you to ask you to comment on your satisfaction regarding future Housing related issues and to seek your opinion with the service you have received.  The personal data you provide will only be used by Fylde Borough Council in accordance with the councils privacy policy.

Who might we share your information with?
Your information will only be shared with Housing services and persons and organisations who have a role in providing support or processing your application.

We want to give you complete control over who we share your personal data with. Therefore, when you complete a report/application we set out who Fylde Borough Council may share your personal data with as part of this service, but Fylde Borough Council will not do this without your authorisation.

By selecting ‘Yes’ next to the specified third parties, you hereby confirm that we may share your personal data with those third parties for the purposes of provision of services relating to the prevention or relief of homelessness and wider support arrangements.

Examples of third parties we may be required to share your information with include (but not exclusively listed) – GPs, Revenues & Benefits, Landlords, Solicitors, Social Services, Banks or other financial organisations, Police & Probation services, HMCS (Her Majesty’s Court Services), Other local authorities, Support agencies

How long will we keep the information?
We will only keep the information you have given us in respect of your application/query for as long as the purpose we have collected the data applies.  For legal requirements some data may be stored for a period of 7 years or for a time relevant to the need.  Fylde Council has a Data Retention Policy that can be provided on request.

What rights do I have about my data?

Where the data we are collecting is your personal data, you have considerable say over what happens to it.  You have the right:

  1. to see what data we have about you;
  2. to ask us to stop using your data, but keep it on record;
  3. in some circumstances to have all or some of your data deleted or corrected;
  4. to lodge a complaint with the independent Information Commissioner (ICO) if you think we are not handling your data fairly or in accordance with the law. You can contact the ICO at https://ico.org.uk/, or telephone 0303 123 1113; and
  5. the right to withdraw consent at any time (where relevant)