Plans to address overnight motorhome parking along Lytham St Annes promenade continue to develop, as Fylde Council resolve to part-fund the works required. 

On the evening of Tuesday 5 December 2023, Fylde Council’s Executive Committee approved a fully funded revenue budget contribution of up to £30,000 towards the costs of implementing the on-street parking restrictions laid out in a proposed Lancashire County Council Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). 

The TRO would prevent motor caravans from waiting on the roadside along the St Annes promenade and on some adjoining roads between 6pm and 8am, as well as introducing other parking amendments to address various concerns raised by residents and business owners. 

Cllr Michelle Morris, Lead Member for Customer & Operational Services, said: “I welcome this excellent news. As a Council we’re very pleased to be making progress on an issue of such importance to our residents and hoteliers, and we will be certain to represent their views to Lancashire County Council as the proposal is developed further.” 

As the Local Highway Authority, Lancashire County Council manage on-street parking in Fylde, including the implementation and enforcement of on-street parking restrictions. Motorhome parking overnight on the promenade has long been a concern for Fylde Council Members and residents. 

Discussions between Fylde Council and LCC around implementing relevant restrictions previously came down to an issue of economic feasibility. When LCC brought a proposal to consultation to in 2020, it included the introduction of on-street pay and display, to which Fylde Council strongly objected. Without an income opportunity, and with no road safety need, LCC stated they would be unable to fund the scheme, and nor would Fylde Council given the absence of an appropriate highways budget. 

Potential funding was recently identified through unallocated Covid Support Grant funding held by Fylde Council, leading to the revival of discussion. Lancashire County Council’s estimated costs, including signage, posts, lining and other requirements, is around £60,000. With the newly approved monies, Fylde Council has agreed to part-fund the work up to a capped contribution of £30,000.  

The changes implied by the TRO would include the introduction of an overnight motorhome ban as well as the creation of a coach stand near St Annes Pier and a bus bay at AKS Lytham.  

The responses to the LCC consultation on the TRO will now be considered and reported to LCC’s Cabinet, with input provided by Fylde Council to address any specific concerns.  

To read about the announcement of the consultation on the TRO, click here: 

To read more about the TRO, visit the Lancashire County Council website: 


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