Fylde residents have been talking about the tremendous benefits they’ve enjoyed through Fylde Council’s free adult weight management programme! 

CHANGE (Creating Healthy Activities and Nutritious Gains to Empower change) is designed specifically for adult Fylde residents and is delivered by local community weight management services, providing community-based diet, nutrition, lifestyle and behavioural change advice. The group sessions and 1:1 support show people how to implement positive lifestyle changes over an eight-week course, helping participants learn how to manage their weight in a healthy and long-lasting way, plus physical activity sessions such has low-impact circuits and tennis.  

Cllr Chris Dixon, Lead Member for Social Wellbeing, said: “The ongoing success of the CHANGE scheme is truly a credit to the people who work hard to deliver it and to the users who take part. It’s wonderful to read about the great experiences Fylde residents have had as part of the programme, and to hear how positively it’s affected both their physical and mental health.” 

Want to know more? Read on for genuine testimonials from service users who have benefited from the programme: 

Andrew wrote: “Since joining the CHANGE programme, I have a greater knowledge of food and nutrition, and how these affect my health and wellbeing. I have begun to exercise both within the CHANGE programme and outside of this by joining the gym and, weather permitting, riding my bike. The CHANGE programme is a must for Fylde residents wanting to make ‘changes’ to their lifestyle.” 

Carol wrote: “[The best part about the course has been] meeting other friendly like-minded people with common goals. CHANGE is a friendly pro-active group where you learn new nutrition skills and can try new exercise regimes in a non-pressure environment.” 

Raymond wrote: “The programme has helped me to embed changes and opened up my social interactions which had diminished directly after retiring from work. My mental health has improved. […] I am more conscious about what I eat.” 

From April 2024, Fylde Council’s new Healthy Weight Services programme will also include family sessions, building on the success of the current delivery over the past three years and providing a lifestyle multi-component weight management service supporting people to lose weight and improving associated knowledge and skills in both children and adults. 

If you are a Fylde resident interested in learning how to healthily manage weight in a community-based and accessible way, why not book your friendly telephone assessment today? Go to https://new.fylde.gov.uk/change/ to find out more and start your journey to a healthier, happier you.  

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All testimony is reproduced with the express written permission of the persons quoted. 


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