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Tendering Process

1. The Council is anxious to establish and maintain economical, efficient and effective purchasing arrangements in respect of all goods and services required within the Authority.

2. We are always happy to discuss our contracts and purchasing arrangements with all potential suppliers. The Council has a keen interest in supporting the local economy and local suppliers are particularly encouraged to register with the authority to gain the opportunity to bid for business.

3. In all dealings with suppliers and potential suppliers, the authority’s officers will do their utmost to preserve the highest standards of honesty, integrity, impartially and objectivity and will treat all suppliers in a professional and ‘even handed’ way.

4. Along with most public authorities in the region, we have implemented a Supplier Portal – The Chest, which has been developed for the 46 Councils in the North West. This enables all suppliers to register their capability on to a single regional web-site where they are asked to register ‘once only’. Registration on the Portal allows Local Authority buyers to match their requirements against registered suppliers.

5. We strongly recommend that all potential suppliers register details on the Portal since it is from the companies registered in the system that the Council will choose whom it invites to tender.

6. The Portal is now our system of choice for recording expressions of interest. Separate lists kept by the Council are no longer used.

7. You should note that registering and using the portal is free of charge. To be considered for Council business you must register your company and offer your services through The Chest.

8. If you are merely registering your interest in trading with the council, then The Chest is our preferred method to ensure you maximise your chance to do business.

9. Having registered on The Chest or written to the Authority providing brief details of your company and products/services, nothing more will happen until we are in the market for the goods or services you provide. At that time, you may receive a questionnaire if we require additional information or if we are unclear of the product groups you are involved in.

10. We are happy with your sales representative to come and talk to us if you think this will help us to understand your company and its products, but this is done on an appointment basis only and only usually when the Authority has a specific need for the types of products/services offered by your organisation.

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