Types of building work to which the Building Regulations do not apply (known as Exempt Buildings) are defined in detail at Exempt Buildings and Work.

If the work is exempt, there is no need to submit an application for Building Regulations approval. Please note that this does not necessarily mean that planning permission will not be required and you should contact the Council’s Planning Services if you need clarification on this.

We have provided below a series of self assessment forms for you determine for yourself whether or not the work you are intending to carry out is exempt from Building Regulations requirements, and thus does NOT need Building Regulations consent. There is a separate form for each type of building.

Simply answer each of the questions in the form that is applicable to the type of work. If the answer to all the questions is No, then the work is exempt from Building Regulations requirements.

Once completed, there is no need to submit the form to the Council as it is for self assessment purposes only. However, should you need confirmation from the Council of the exemption, particularly at the time you come to sell the property, the form explains how you can obtain this.

Self Assessment Forms (PDF Downloads)