The Business Health Matters programme has been developed to support local businesses in improving the physical and mental health of their employees so that staff are happier, healthier and more resilient. This is an exciting new project that aims to support people aged 18+ who are in work, to develop skills to maintain or advance their employment

Business Health Matters empowers employees to improve their overall health whilst employers benefit from increased productivity within their workforces.

What is Workplace Health Champion Training?

Funded by the EU’s European Social Fund (ESF), this FREE training programme to create health ambassadors across Lancashire who will each encourage a healthier and happier workplace environment.

This training offer includes:

  • Level 2 Workplace Health Champion qualification (NCFE-accredited) it is a one day course that will introduce the concept of workplace health and the role of the workplace health champion. Learners will also understand how to plan and implement a physical activity in the workplace.
  • Level 3 Workplace Health Champion qualification (NCFE-accredited) it is a 3 day course with two days guided learning and an additional day for a practical assessment. The first day of the course is the one-day Level 2 award.

Training is open to Lancashire-employees who are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of their staff.

For more information on the courses we offer please click here.

If you feel that the health and wellbeing of your staff is critical in order for your business to be successful please get in touch by using the enquiry form