Discretionary Housing Payments are payments that the Council may be able to make to give you further assistance towards your housing costs.

To qualify for Discretionary Housing Payments you must be in receipt of Housing Benefit or the Housing element of Universal Credit and require further assistance in order to meet your housing costs.

There is no list covering every situation that will be allowed a Discretionary Housing Payment and each application will be considered on its own merits.

Below are some examples of when a Discretionary Housing Payment may be made:

  • A pregnant women, close to the due date moves into a property more suitable for herself and her child. The LHA rate is restricted or the Rent Officer restricts the rent because the property is considered too large for one person until the baby is born.
  • A disabled person lives in a ground floor flat near to a clinic they attend for therapy. They could get a cheaper flat, but it would mean higher transport costs they can’t afford.
  • A family has a child who is undergoing prolonged hospital treatment. The family used to live some miles away from the hospital but have moved nearer so that the child can be visited.