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Additional Restrictions Grant

We are currently processing a very high volume of applications across all Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) schemes and in mind of the limited funding available, all ARG schemes are currently suspended to new applications. If you have submitted an application to any ARG scheme and are awaiting a response, we ask for your patience while our team process and fully assess your application. You will receive a response in due course advising of the outcome of your application.

If there is any funding remaining once all current applications have been fully assessed, the Additional Restrictions Grant webpage will be updated with all the details including the process for making an application.

You should not contact the council regarding covid business grant funding unless you are contacted by the grants team in relation to a live application.

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) is a limited financial support package funded by central government to provide support to businesses adversely affected because of COVID restrictions or measures and particularly businesses that could not access financial support through other national grant schemes.

Local Authorities have the discretion to determine precise eligibility criteria for the ARG grant scheme, subject to meeting the conditions set out in the published guidance from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Fylde has delivered several schemes to achieve the objective to support as many local businesses as possible, given the limited budget available the Council has prioritised the businesses to support and the level of grant provided.

The objective of the ARG scheme is:

  • To offer financial assistance to a priority range of businesses operating in the hospitality, leisure, and accommodation sectors that have been severely impacted by COVID related local or national restrictions;
  • To provide strategic financial assistance to larger businesses critical to the economic recovery of the Fylde economy in 2021; and
  • To communicate advice and support (financial and non-financial) to all businesses affected by COVID-related trading restrictions.

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