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Additional Restrictions Grant

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) is a limited financial support package funded by central government to provide support to businesses adversely affected because of COVID restrictions or measures and particularly businesses that could not access financial support through other national grant schemes.

Local Authorities have the discretion to determine precise eligibility criteria for the ARG grant scheme, subject to meeting the conditions set out in the published guidance from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Fylde has delivered several schemes to achieve the objective to support as many local businesses as possible, given the limited budget available the Council has prioritised the businesses to support and the level of grant provided.

The objective of the ARG scheme is:

  • To offer financial assistance to a priority range of businesses operating in the hospitality, leisure, and accommodation sectors that have been severely impacted by COVID related local or national restrictions;
  • To provide strategic financial assistance to larger businesses critical to the economic recovery of the Fylde economy in 2021; and
  • To communicate advice and support (financial and non-financial) to all businesses affected by COVID-related trading restrictions.

The only current ARG grant schemes open to applications at present are listed below:

The ARG Youth Activity Scheme will contribute to the post-pandemic recovery of charitable organisations and community-based businesses that provide vital support to young people across Fylde by offering a funding opportunity for the establishment of new youth activity provision. The fund will support projects that can demonstrate a long-term plan and sustainability beyond the initial provision of funding.

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The ARG Shopfront Improvement Scheme aims to support businesses that offer in-person services who have seen covid-related restrictions affecting their ability to trade and therefore may have struggled to update or maintain their shopfronts. The scheme will also offer support to landlords of commercial properties who are struggling to attract tenants or full occupation of a property as a result of the post-pandemic climate and outdated frontage. The scheme will support the growth of local businesses, improve the local environment, enhance local heritage and raise the aesthetic appearance of the area for all stakeholders.

Click here to find out more and apply online

The ARG Event Support Scheme is aimed at supporting recovery of the tourism and culture economy in Fylde in the post-COVID pandemic period.  The scheme will contribute towards any additional cost of an event resulting from measures put in place to manage COVID infection and other costs associated to the delivery of the event.  The grant funding will be available to any formally established organisation, private sector business, or recognised charity that holds an event between 1 July 2021, and 31 March 2022, subject to the criteria set out in the scheme and the availability of grant funding.

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The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) Vacant Premises Grant provides support to start-up costs for small local businesses who take on vacant premises on the town centre high street between 1 March 2021 and 31 March 2022 (subject to availability of grant funding).  This grant scheme is intended to stimulate new business in the town centres of St Annes, Lytham and Kirkham that will encourage footfall to the area.  The grant will support new businesses with a contribution towards the initial investment for shop fitting and set-ups costs.

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There are no other COVID grant schemes available to apply for at this time.

Should any additional schemes be introduced then this webpage will be updated with all the details including the process for making an application.

You should not contact the council regarding ARG funding unless it is regarding one of the live schemes listed above.

Funds allocated to all previous schemes have been fully exhausted and there are no resources remaining to make additional awards.

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